With the release of Wave 7.0, upgrading from a previous version requires the use of a Vertical Wave USB Recovery Drive (32GB).  These are preloaded with the latest restore image for Wave (unless you request a previous version).  It is important to note that this recovery drive is different from a Live Image USB Restore Drive (which is used to recover your system with a Live Image backup).  While both are the same physical Sandisk USB flash drive, the contents of each are different, and are not interchangeable.  See the two screenshots below to determine which type of drive you have.

  • With a Wave RECOVERY Drive, the Wave system image (.WIM file) is placed in the “\image” folder.
  • With a Wave LIVE IMAGE Restore Drive, the Live Image backup image (.TIB file) is placed in the “\Vertical\BackupImage” folder.

Please use caution with these drives!  Both drive types are bootable which automatically format the system’s C drive prior to an automated restore process.

If you already have a Vertical Wave USB Recovery Drive (32GB) from a previous version of Wave (5.0 or 6.0), you do not need to purchase another.  You may simply replace the .WIM image from the “\image” folder with the current version image.  Please contact us to obtain the latest version recovery image.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions – we are glad to assist!