Who we are | What we do:

We’re tech enthusiasts, and we enjoy what we do!

Turn Up Technology is dedicated to providing industry-proven communication systems and components to end users, developers, and system integrators.  With over 25 years of experience in the communication system and component industry, we provide valuable and reliable pre-sale and post-sale knowledge to ensure your needs are met and your project is done right – the first time.  Remember having to determine what jumpers went where when installing an ISA peripheral?  Fortunately, we’ve come a long way since those days!

Our long-term experience allows us to provide exceptional value with the solutions we offer, including up to date product support, no-charge tutorials, competitive pricing, and quick shipment of popular items.  We stock common products in-house, allowing us to ship many items the very same day.  While we do offer manufacturer-direct support contracts for many product lines, we have hands-on experience with the majority of the solutions we offer, allowing for quick resolution of many common installation and post-installation issues.  When we’re asked the same question more than a couple of times, we write up a tutorial and provide it to all at no charge.

We provide communication solutions and support to customers around the globe, and also provide on-site IT services, on-site product training, wiring, and more for our customers in the Southern California region.  Turn Up Technology is a certified California state Small Business.

  • Looking for a custom telephony solution and not sure where to start?
  • Want to add VoIP / SIP capability to a legacy phone system?
  • Need a full-featured phone system for an office with anywhere from 5 to 750 users?
  • Frustrated because you’ve had a support ticket open with another vendor for weeks without resolution?

…we can help!  Feel free to Contact Us – we’re always glad to assist!

Ethics | Integrity:

  • Honesty.  When we feel that a customer would be better suited working with another partner (perhaps a local installer), or would possibly be better off with an entirely different solution which we do not offer, then we will gladly use our expertise to guide the customer in an ideal direction.  This is just good business.
  • No spam.  We occasionally send out e-mails regarding new software versions, new product updates, and related information we feel you’d actually care to see.  No frequent e-mail blasts around here.

  • We do not oversell.  Too often we’ve taken over support for a customer to find they were unknowingly oversold, sometimes in significant excess.  The solutions we offer are scalable and grow along with your needs.  We will gladly explain how our solutions can be expanded as needed, and present clear choices for you to make when deciding on what to purchase.
  • Privacy.  If you contact us for help, rest assured your information stays with us.  We do not sell your information to any 3rd party.  It’s just not our thing.