• 8 Port Analog
  • 4 Channel Fax (V.34)
  • Loop-Start
  • PCIe x1 (Half length, full height)
  • Brand New, Full 5-Year Manufacturer Warranty

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The Diva Analog Media Boards offer voice, speech, conferencing, VoIP, modem and fax features, and can serve as a base for many communication applications. The boards are supported by many standard applications, and are also suitable for new application development. Diva Analog Media Boards are available in Low Profile, Half Size, or Full Size form factors and are available in both PCI and PCI Express (PCIe) versions. Diva Analog can be seamlessly combined with other Dialogic® Diva® Media Boards, such as E1/T1, ISDN PRI/BRI, and VoIP.

Because both PCI and PCIe versions share the same feature sets, migration from a PCI Server hardware to PCI Express hardware is easy. PCI and PCIe versions can also be used in the same server.

The Diva Analog Media Boards support the same set of application interfaces as other Diva® Media Boards: the three Dialogic® Diva® APIs as well as CAPI, COM port, WAN Miniport and TTY. Because of consistent interface support, applications written for one Diva Media Board will normally work without modification with Diva Analog Media Boards.

The Diva UM-Analog-2, UM-Analog-4, and UM-Analog-8 Media Boards support fax transmissions on half (50%) of their available channels. The feature set of the Diva Media Boards in the UM series has been designed to meet the needs of typical Unified Messaging applications.

The Diva Analog-2, Analog-4, and Analog-8 boards support V.34 fax transmissions on all available channels. The Diva Analog-2, Analog-4 and Analog-8 boards are normally referred to as part of the Universal series.