Sangoma Dialogic D4PCIUFEQ – 310-935

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4-port Analog, Loop-Start, PCIe (4 voice, 4 fax)

This is a half-length, full-height PCIe x1 Board. Please verify your server has the appropriate slot type and size to accommodate this board.

Condition: Brand New.  Full 3-year warranty from Sangoma.

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Note: The D4PCIUFEQ was previously known as D4PCIUFEW

The four-line Dialogic® D/4PCIUF and D/4PCIU4S combined media boards are ideal for small- and medium-sized enterprise computer telephony (CT) applications that require high-performance, cost aggressive media processing, but do not require the large-scale system sophistication of SCbus- or CT Bus-based products. The boards use the same application programming interface (API) as their predecessor (D/4PCI), making it easy to scale existing applications to take advantage of their power and features in a single PCI or PCI Express slot. The boards have improved voice quality and automatic gain control (AGC), so even the weakest telephone signals can be recorded and replayed with complete clarity.