When installing a full-length Sangoma Dialogic PCI Express (PCIe) board in a server with PCIe x4 or greater slot, the board may not be detected by the operating system and/or the Dialogic Configuration Manager (DCM).  This is very common, and is typically caused by PCIe power budgeting.  This is explained in the “Quick Install” guide included with the board, which may also be found here.

To resolve this, power off your system, remove the board and locate the Power Budgeting pins on the top edge of the board (P3).  There are three pins.  By default, there is a jumper on pins 2-3.  Simply move this jumper over to pins 1-2, then re-install the board and power the system back on.  This should allow the PCIe board to be properly detected by both the operating system and Dialogic Configuration Manager (DCM).  The Power Budgeting pins are circled in the picture below:

Note:  If using the Sangoma Dialogic board in a PCIe x1 slot, do not move the jumper to pins 1-2.  Moving the power budgeting jumper to pins 1-2 is only supported for PCIe x4 and greater slots.

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