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Sangoma’s Vega 400GF VoIP Digital Gateways are a quad port T1/E1/PRI supporting up to 120 simultaneous calls.

The Vega 400GF connects your FoIP application to T1/E1 trunks to enable TDM connectivity when SIP trunks are not available, delivering highly reliable real-time faxing over the T.38 protocol. It comes with 4 T1/E1 ports for up to 120 licensed channels optimized for high-density faxing. Since the T.38 protocol retains the standard T.30 fax data stream, it can be used with legacy T.30-based devices and with newer T.38-based solution.  The Vega 400GF is certified for use with Dialogic SR140 for faxing.

Note:  The Vega 400GF supports up to 4 spans per unit.  This model is licensed for a single span, and can be upgraded later via a license key.  Dual, Tri, and Quad span units are also available.

  • Web GUI for configuration and troubleshooting
  • Field upgradable licensing
  • Dedicated bypass ports for High availability
  • Support for Private Wire or Point-to-Point applications
  • Onboard DSP for media translation
  • Interoperable with most legacy and VoIP carriers worldwide
  • Advanced flexible call routing with automatic failover and bypass routing
  • Brand New, Full 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty

Note: The Vega 400G and Vega 400GF Gateways replaced the discontinued Dialogic DMG2030DTIQ, Dialogic DMG2060DTISQ, and Dialogic DMG2120DTISQ gateways.

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